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Company News >> Circular Connector Cable Assemblies Lemo, Redel, Fisher, Molex, AMP Tyco, Amphenol etc

Circular Connector Cable Assemblies
Lemo, Redel, Fisher, Molex, AMP Tyco, Amphenol etc

Industrial - Medical - Marine & Underwater - AV & Entertainment - Automotive - Military
We manufacture cable assemblies with circular connectors from leading manufacturers, such as Lemo, Redel, 
Fisher, Molex, AMP Tyco, Amphenol and more. Our cable assembly manufacturing plant is located in the USA. 
We serve OEM customers in many industries with standard and custom cable assemblies for Industrial, 
Medical, Marine & Underwater, AV & Entertainment, Automotive and Military Applications.
Industrial Cable Assemblies, Sealed, Shielded, Industrial Ethernet: Railway, Geophysics, Instrumentation, 
Automation, Process Control Entertainment and AV Cables: Analog Video, 75 Ohm Triax cables, Digital

Video HDTV, Microphones  Molex Cable Assemblies, AMP Tyco Cable Assemblies, Amphenol Cable Assemblies
Medical Cable Assemblies, Catheters and Probes: Steam Sterilization, Chemical Sterilization, Disposable
Marine Cable Assemblies and Underwater Cable Assemblies: salt water resistant, upt to 3 feet deep, more 
than 3 feet deep Automotive Cable Assemblies: oil resistant cables for the auto industry
Our In House capabilities range from Cable Assembly Design, Engineering, Prototypes, Development and 
Tooling, to Standard and Custom Cable Manufacturing, including Custom Molding & Strain Relief. Please see 
below some of the products we offer and contact us to request a Quick Quote and to Send us your Files, 

Circular Connector Cable Assemblies,Lemo Cable Assemblies, Redel Cable Assemblies, Fisher Cable Assemblies,

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Small quantity order also be fine. We could also customized cable assembly for you.

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